Escape Game Collection 2

Escape Game Collection 2 12/15/2023
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Welcome to "Escape Game Collection 2"!
"Escape Game Collection 2" includes below.

*** Escape Game Christmas Tree ***
Bears are going to make a Christmas tree.
But they seem to have forgotten where they put the ornaments.
Help them decorate the Christmas tree.

*** Escape Game Pizza ***
A cat is going to make a pizza.
But he doesn't have enough ingredients.
Help him make a pizza.

*** Escape Game Halloween3 ***
Today is Halloween.
But it looks like they aren't ready for their costumes yet.
Help them get ready for their costumes.

*** Escape Game Ferris Wheel ***
The mice have come to the Ferris wheel.
But they need coins to ride it.
Help them collect the coins.

*** Escape Game Laundry ***
A fox is doing the laundry.
But a strong wind blew and the laundry seems to have been blown away.
Help him gather the laundry.

*** Escape Game Paddling Pool ***
Today is a very hot day.
The bears want to play in the pool.
Help him get ready for the pool.

*** Escape Game Pajama Party ***
Cats are having a pajama party.
But they are not ready yet.
Help them prepare for the pajama party.

You can play with easy operation only with taps.

■ How to play
Tap to find out.
If you want to use items, select the item and tap the place you want to use.
To enlarge an item, tap the item twice.
If you want to combine items, enlarge the item, select the item you want to combine, and tap.
To close an enlarged item, tap the cross button.
If you need hints, tap the bulb button.

■ Function
There is an auto save function.
You can select the language.
Long press icon to change game progress.
Download assets before playing game.
Tap Trash Can to remove download assets.

■ Features
Beginners can enjoy it to the last.
Recommended for those who like cute world view.

What's New in the Latest Version  1.7

Added "Escape Game Christmas Tree".

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    Android 5.1 and up
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