Ghost Shooting: sniping games

Ghost Shooting: sniping games

BitStrong Games 01/08/2024
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People like the prosperity of the city, but they don’t know that evil is spreading wantonly underground. In every city, criminal organizations carry out dirty deals and criminal activities. You are a sniper elite with superb hiding skills and sniping abilities. Track their whereabouts like a ghost assassin, break their plans, and stop their actions! For the cities’ peace and justice, pick up your gun, assassinate the top leader of the evil forces, guard the city like a ghost!

Over hundreds of missions can be completed in the fps game, including fighting against gang members, assassinating organization leaders, and preventing dirty deals, etc. Please bury the gang forces quietly and let the evil sleep forever.

There are a variety of different guns in Ghost Shooting that look cool and have powerful attributes. You can build your own firearms arsenal, upgrade gun parts to improve attributes, which can help you complete missions better.

The evil force is spreading to different cities. After completing the missions in one city, you need to go to the next one. Each city has different missions, show your assassin abilities, clean up all the enemies.

Difficult missions exist in Ghost Shooting, but don’t worry, please use the drone to locate the targets if you can’t find them, you will finish missions easier.

* A free 3D sniper shooting causal fps game
* Exquisite art style and 3D display, give you an immersive sniping feeling
* Excellent level design, each level has a different mission experience
* Easy control to play, use a gun to enjoy the game
* Fast-paced shooting, a great sniping game to kill time
* Multiple cities’ missions, free feel the customs of different cities
* A variety of guns can be chosen, complete missions easier
* Relaxing music and sound effects, feel the leisure atmosphere

Ghost Shooting is a 3D gun sniping action fps game. Use a sniper gun to aim at the enemy, eliminate a target with a shot, destroy all the gangster forces. In the sniping action game, you can choose different guns, finish missions of different difficulties, improve shooting skills in each mission, and become a professional elite shooter to make the enemy frightened. If the mission is difficult, remember to upgrade gun parts, and use drones to lock on targets faster. No enemy can escape within your sniper field of view! Join Ghost Shooting now, use your assassin skills to become a sniper elite!

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