Solitaire - Classic Klondike

Solitaire - Classic Klondike

Casual Relax Game Studio 01/15/2024
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The solitaire klondike is classic card game for android.

The solitaire klondike card games is a puzzle game which trains your brain with classic solitaire klondike experience. It is an offline game which you can play solitaire on anytime and anywhere.

General Rule of free solitaire klondike card games:
How to play solitaire klondike free solitaire klondike card games: look at the solitaire klondike cards. If there are any aces, place them above the seven piles. If there are no aces, rearrange the solitaire cards you have, moving only the face up solitaire cards. When you place a solitaire card on top, it must be a different color than the solitaire card you are placing it on top of and have a value of one less. Thus, if you have a six of hearts, you can either place a five of spades or a five of clubs on top. Keep placing the solitaire cards on top of each other until you cannot move anymore.

Enjoy the best free and popular Solitaire klondike card games in the world for free at any time and place! It's time to train your brain, challenge yourself and be a Klondike or Patience master, try this classic solitaire card game for free!

Game features:
♠ Classic draw 1 card
♠ Classic draw 3 cards
♠ Daily challenge
♠ Game Statistics, best score
♠ Winning animations
♠ Unlimited undo
♠ Unlimited hints
♠ Auto-collect cards on completion
♠ Multi-card face & back

Questions about the solitaire:

Are some solitaire klondike games unsolvable?
Yes, some games of solitaire you can't win no matter what. If you use the classic solitaire rules, one mathematical proof finds that about 79% of games are at least potentially solvable.

Are Jokers used in solitaire klondike?
Jokers are not used in solitaire, classic solitaire klondike uses only the 52 solitaire cards.

When playing solitaire klondike, do the lower numbers go on the higher numbers?
When playing solitaire klondike, the lower numbers go on the highest numbers. The King is on top, then the Queen, and so on.

Please enjoy the game, if you have any questions, please contact, have a nice day!

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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Casual Relax Game Studio
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